Grenade (Crime)

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General information

The grenade is one of the strongest weapons on the entire server. With a good throw you can kill players instantly, when they aren't wearing any kind of armor. You can also harm a cop. A big disadvantage is, that you get a lot of crime when you are using the grenades and cops will be informed when someone uses a them. From the Cop-Rank Corporal cops have grenades in their standart-Equipment. The item is a snowball, but with the Crime-Resourcepack the appearance will change.


The use is like the smokegrenade. To throw the grenade do a normal "rightclick", the grenade will explode when she is hit the ground or a player. But keep attention, you can get damaged from your own grenades.


You can buy the grenade at the bombshop for 150$ apiece.

Price: 150$ / ID: 332