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General information

The map is for orientation on the server. Especially for new players it is hard to find through the streets of the city.


If you hold a map in your hand it will open. You will see several spots. These have the following explanations:

  • Green Arrow (with Crime-resourcepack) = Own position
  • Red spot = Player with bounty
  • Blue spot = Positions of cops (Will be shown if Cop Detector is used)

Shop / Source of supply

The snack-shop at the spawn sells a map for 1$. To buy a map you have to use at the buying-command /shop buy [Item] for item the item-ID 358 or the item-name map. You can also get a map for free with the command /kit map. With this command you can get this useful orientation assistance every few minutes.

The map of the city
Price: 1$ / ID: 385
/kit map