Drugs (Crime)

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General information

Drugs are the most important tools for robbers and the main problem for Cops. There are four types of drugs:

  • Processed drugs (sugar-item)
  • Unprocessed drugs (sugarcane-item)
  • Netherwart (normal quality)
  • Netherwart (Pure Strain)

Only processed drugs can be consumed but only unprocessed drugs can be planted.

Source of supply

Purchase of the drugs

  • One supplier for robbers is the drug dealer. Here you can purchase sugarcane-plants for 900$. This can be a first step towards own cultivation which is the reason for why they are that expensive. This means it's beneficial if multiple robbers work together in a faction. The item-ID which has to be used at purchase is 338, but alternatively you can use the item-name sugar_cane.
  • Netherwarts can only be purchased in the blackmarket. In the drug store there they cost 750$, in the special store they cost 850$. The ID of the netherwart is "174", but alternatively you can use the item-name "nether_wart".

The cultivation of drugs

  • After buying one unprocessed drug-plant it is possible to cultivate additional drugs. It works the same as with regular sugarcane-plants: The unprocessed drug has to be planted on a sand- or dirtblock which is located next to water. Sources of light or a window providing sunlight are not necessary. As soon as drug-plants grow taller than two blocks they are rotten and get dropped. Cultivation is only possible in Slums and in the apartmens inside the fire department as well as in houses (level 2) and in villas. You get a lot of Crime for placing and harvesting drugs.
  • To cultivate netherwarts you need soulsand, which you can only get in the building material-shop of the blackmarket. Netherwarts can be cultivated in every apartment like regular netherwarts. You can get several variations of netherwarts when harvesting them, however you get multiple netherwarts with one harvest:
  1. Only Pure Strain-netherwarts can be replanted.
  2. Netherwarts of normal quality are only suitable for consumption.


Drugs have a very special effect which makes them very popular amongst robbers. When right-clicking with a processed drug in your hand you'll get incredibly fast for a few seconds. But beware: Excessive consumption will deal damage. And again: The drug has to be processed first. To process drugs you have to right-click on a furnace with them in your hand. For the use of drugs you will get Crime. The netherwart is useful for battles, because sometimes it can give you the Strength(II)-effect for a short amount of time. However you can also become very sick from netherwarts. Here you have to differentiate between normal quality and Pure Strain-netherwarts: Netherwarts of normal quality even have a higher chance of giving you a negative effect instead of the wanted case of strength. Netherwarts of Pure Strain-quality, however, are much more precise in their effect, but they are necessary for replanting. Beware: No matter if sugar or netherwarts, both can become your undoing as there is a chance that they will kill you.

Cultivation of drugs in a Slum
The house of the drug dealer in the suburb
A netherwart-farm in a penthouse