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Comparison: Comparison of glizer with MCBans
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Glizer simple.png

Minecraft Globalizer.

This plugin provides a huge range of functions to globalize minecraft.

  • Active Developers: wmchris, xilefkfelix
  • Past Developers: beecub and upsj.
  • The service is managed and owned by Rustred61
  • Glizer is an european product, Located in UK under EU law. So no NSA Access ;-)


Global (server to server) -

  • Bans
  • Warnings
  • Praises
  • Comments
  • Profiles
  • Friends
  • Ratings
  • Whitelist
  • Messaging
  • Account Theft Protection

Often glizer is meant to be a clone of MCBans, but that's not true, it offers much more functionality. To give you a brief overview, we prepared a comparison of glizer with MCBans.


Informations for Developers



First the idea of this plugin was creating a community based and free alternative to mcbans where every server has the same rules and benefits. But within the first meetings more ideas and wishes came up. So we decided to provide as first bukkit plugin a huge amount of global server-to-server functions for minecraft.

Non Profit and Open Source

Glizer is created in the mind of open source. You can edit, modify and publish the source. You can even create your own masterserver, if you wish to. We're not planning to gain money with this plugin or the service. This service is free - for lifetime - with all functions. We're only adding one small advertisement on the top of the homepage to help us pay for the servers. The rest is paid by ourselves. We don't accept donations, pribes or gifts.


  • - Webinterface and Homepage of the plugin