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This site is under construction and could maybe not include any information. Also some sites could still be writen in german.
We are including and translating all the informations as soon as possible.

The Crime-Server of the Brauhaus der Hoffnung is a modified Roleplay-Server, which is based on a Cops vs. Robbers-System. The Cops of the server hunt the Bad-Guys, so the robbers, murders und drug dealers. So you can experience epic street fights and pursuits and can be a part of it.

The Crime-Server can offer you:

  • The unique Cops vs. Robbers-System, which is running by our self writen plugins.
  • You can ally with other players in “ fractionations” an try to get the global dominance- as team you are stronger!
  • BC Shop: Here you can buy stuff with another curency than the Crime Dollar.
  • You can farm Drugs in your own house/villa. You can use the drugs to escape from the police.
  • In there function changed items
  • A helpfull and competent team, which you can ask your questions.
  • Our InGame-Tutorial will help you to understand the gameplay and the features of our server.

The logo of the Crime-Server
  • Cops vs. Robbers
  • Special Items
  • Factions
  • PvP
  • Apartments

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