Minecart (Crime-EN)

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General information

The minecart can be used to escape from cops through the subway. Cops have a minecart in their standard equipment to get from one part of town to another in a short amount of time.


To drive with a minecart, place it on the starting device in the subway stations, get in it and click on the button. At the next station the minecart is stopped by an anvil. Press shift to get out und punch the minecart to drop it.


Minecarts can be bought at three different shops: They are cheapest at the Technician inside the TV-Tower because they only cost 10$ there. At the mobile Snacks shop at the spawn and at the car dealer one minecart costs 15$. As in the other shops, the command to buy it is /shop buy [Item]. For the term "Item", the item-ID 328 or the item-name minecart has to be inserted.

Price: 10$ or 15$ / ID: 328