Ammunition (Crime)

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General information

The ammunition is necessary for all firearms, except for the lasergun. The item is in the standard equipment of the cops The appearance is changed by the crime resourcepack.

Types of ammunition

There are three different types of ammunition which can all be changed with a "rightclick". Only with the crossbow you have to use the left mouse button.

Normal ammunition: This is a normal arrow.

Ice-ammunition: The ice arrow slows down a player for a few seconds. This is the reason, why the arrow is often used by cops to stop robbers. It doesn't deal any damage nor does it give the attacker Crime.

Fire-ammunition: When the fire arrow hits a player, he will start to burn, nevertheless it can be stoped by water or waiting. The standard damage when hitting the player is lower than the damage of the normal arrow.


When you want to buy arrows, the normal user can go to two different shops. You can go to the weapondealer or to the bakery to purchase arrows for 5$ apiece.

You can also get arrows from skeletons. Mobs spawn in and around the mine and in the industrial district in general.

Price: 5$ / ID: 262