Sticky Grenade (Crime)

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General information

The sticky grenade is actually only a mode of the normal grenade. The difference between the normal and the sticky grenade is, that the sticky grenade doesn't explode after a short time. In order to blow it up, the player needs a slimeball.
The item is ,like the normal grenade, a snowball, whose appearance will be changed by the Crime-Resourcepack.
Important is, that the user will get crime when he hurt a player or a cop with the explosion.


To use the sticky grenade, you should first change the normal grenade into a sticky grenade by doing a "leftclick" into the air.
Then you should throw the sticky grenade by doing a "rightclick". At the location where the grenade hits the ground, a fire will appear. After this you have to press the left mouse button with a slimeball in your hand. An explosion will be created at the spot, where the fire was.
But beware, you can get damaged by your own sticky grenade.


You can buy the grenade at the bombshop for 150$ apiece. You can buy the slimeball at the park.

Price: 150$ / ID: 332
Price: 20$ / ID: 341