Cop Detector (Crime-EN)

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General information

The Cop-Detector is like the Anti-Cop-Radar one of the most useful items to flee from the cops. With this item you are able to see the amount of the available cops and the distance from the cops which are around you. On the map all cops are now marked with a blue spot. One use lasts 600 seconds which are 10 minutes. Another advantage is that cops can't see whether you use a detector. You don't get crime for the usage. This item is really useful if you flee from cops who are around you. The item is a ghast_tear which has a new texture because of the Crime-Texturepack.


The Usage is very simple. You just need to rightclick with the item in your hand. Now you can see the position of all cops on the map for the next 10 minutes.


You can buy the Cop-Detector in the Secret Shop for 20$. It is not possible to sell this item. You can buy it via the ID 370, but it's also possible with ghast_tear.

Cop Detector
Price: 20$ / ID: 370