Rocket Launcher (Crime)

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General information

The Rocketlauncher is the strongest weapon on the entire server. Despite the high recharge time, it is highly effective. The rocketlauncher is the only weapon which can destroy blocks, only TNT can destroy blocks too. The ammunition is a fire charge. The crime resourchepack will change the appearance from a brewing stand into a rocketlauncher.


When you have a fire charge in your inventory you can shoot with a simply "leftclick". Sometimes it can be useful when you have an enderpearl to get through the hole in the wall.
The blocks which were destroyed will reappear after 30 seconds.


You can buy the rocketlauncher at the weapondealer for 800$ apiece.

The fire charge can be bought at the bomb-shop for 50$ apiece.

Price: 800$ / ID: 379
Rocketlauncher ammunition
Price: 50$ / ID: 385