Smokegrenade (Crime)

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General information

The smokegrenade just has to be part of every faction-war and is also necessary for the everyday life of Cops. The item standing for the smokegrenade is an egg whose texture is changed by the Crime Texturepack.
If a smokegrenade comes into contact with the floor it creates a pyramidal shape of cobwebs. These do not only hinder the sight of the player they are thrown at, but also make it so he can only move very slowly whilst being stuck in the cobwebs.


To throw a smokegrenade you have to right click with the egg-item in your hand. The line of sight is also the direction of your throw. Note that one stack of smoke grenades contains only 16 items and not 64 items as usual.


Robbers only have one source of smoke grenades which is the Bomb-Shop. The retail price of this item is only 10$. The item-ID of the smokegrenade is 344 and the actual item-name is egg.

Price: 10$ / ID: 344