Laser Gun (Crime-EN)

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General information

The Laser-Gun is one of the new special firearms on the Crime Server. The laser-gun has a very high marksmanship. However, the damage is - at 1 heart damage per shot - not much. A big advantage is that the laser-gun can shoot through window panes and doors. Besides you can destroy cobwebs with the laser-gun. As a result of this it is an important tool when you hide in your apartment or house. The item is an emerald, whose appearance will be changed by the Crime Resourcepack.


Using the lasergun is different from other firearms: To shoot with the weapon you must have the weapon in your hand and sneak. The weapon doesn't really need ammunition, but every shot will cost you half a food-level. You need a lot of food when you are using the laser-gun.


You can buy the laser-gun only at the weapondealer for 300$ apiece.

Price: 300$ / ID: 388