Fishing Rod (Crime)

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General information

The Fishing Rod can used to pull an user in your direction. This works for a range of 10 blocks but notice that even the fishing rod can't do anything against the earth's gravitation. So you can use it perfectly for pulling users out of a No-PvP-Zone.


To pull another user in your direction you need to right or leftclick on this user. While using the fishing rod it will be damaged so you can only use it 60 times. You can use it also to pull friendly robbers out of cobwebs from Smokegrenade of Cops.


You can buy a fishing rod at the beach for 100$ from Valentin. For that you have to use at the "buying-command" /shop buy (Item) as an Item the Item-ID 346 or the Item-Name fishing_rod.

Fishing rod
Price: 100$ / ID: 346