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Main facts

There are different ways to get money on the server. Mit ihnen kann man viel Geld verdienen, wenn man gut ausgerüstet ist und viel Zeit investiert. With some you can get very much money, with others fewer. It is important to distinguish the legal and illegal ways because for the illegal you will get crime and the cops will try to catch you.

Legal ways to earn money

Farm wheat

Only a few players are using this possibility. To earn money with raising wheat you have to go to the farm and harvest the wheat there. The wheat, which you get, you can exchange to bread with a right-click on a furnace. Sell this bread at the bakery for 0,05$ each. So you can get 3,20$ for one stack of bread.


Maybe the most popular way to earn money is mining. For that you have to buy a pickaxe and go to the mine. Here you have to click on coal-, gold- and lapislazuli-blocks very often. After a certain number of clicks with the left mouse button you will get the material, which you are clicking on, in your inventory. There is a list of all raw materials you can mine:

  • coal: ~10 clicks - highest selling-price: 0,80$
  • gold: ~40 clicks - highest selling-price: depending on the gold-rate of the bank.
  • lapislazuli: ~360 clicks - highest selling-price: 10$

For every item you have mined, your mining-level increases. The mining-level has influence on the clicks after which you will get the item.

Killing monsters

The third legal way is killing monsters, because they are dropping coal after death, which you can sell at the coal-shop or Creepy Frank. Most monsters are spawning in or around the mine. If there are lots of players, there will also be lots of monsters.

Illegal ways to earn money

Robbing shops

Definitely the most popular illegal way to get money is robbing a shop. This way you can get lots of gold nuggets, which you can sell at the bank. Follow these three steps to rob a shop:

  • Take a weapon in your hand.
  • Go into a shop-zone.
  • Sneak now (Shift).

Now you have 5 seconds to change your mind. After that you will get crime and the cops are trying to catch you. More important is the fact, that you steadily get gold nuggets after the first five seconds of rob-time.

Robbing a player

The second illegal way is to rob a player. Just buy a picklock and break the door of another player. With each crowbar you can break one lock on the chest. If there is no lock left you can open the chest and steal the items in it. But be careful, because you will get a lot of crime whilst doing it, so it is important to look out for cops and other thieves.
You can also rob a players by killing him and picking up his items. But it is not clever to kill a member of a big and powerful faction.