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Main facts

Besides to the robber the cops are the second big group of players. Their job is to hunt and arrest players with crime. This includes to track drugs and to prevent faction-wars. They helps to support. To cope with this task the cops have special cop-equipment and for the communication they can use the cop-channel ingame and there is a TeamSpeak-channel for the cops, too.

How to become a cop?

To become a cop you have to go through the application process. First you have to become a supporter and do your as such very good. After a certain time as a supporter you can write an application in the forum. Under your application current cops, team-members and some members of the outgame-team will write their opinion to you and your application. But at the end the it is the decision of the chief whether you will accepted or not.


main page cop-ranks

If cops are doing their job very well, they can get a higher cop-rank. A high cop-rank means a better equipment, which a cop spawns with. Only the head-cop can promote the cops to a higher cop-rank.


main page special-agent

There is another way for cops to get a higher rank: the special-agent. Every month the players can vote for a cop and the winning cop is the special-agent for the next month. To be the special-agent means to have better items and access to the agent-shop.

A cop with the cop-armor and a desert-eagle