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For every criminal act the robbers on the server will get crime. How much depends on the criminal act. Once they have crime the cops will follow them and try to arrest them. Startin at a crime-rate from over 2000 the player has a bounty on his head. When the robber will killed with the bounty he is going to the jail instant. The player who killed the robber will get a reward.

You can check your crime with /detail or /crime. Also you can look in the scoreboard at the right.

How accures the crime-rate?

For the following offences you will get crime:

  • Attack or kill a robber or a cop - (ca. 270 crime per hit)
  • Rob a shop - (ca. 430 crime per shop)
  • Plant or harvest drugs - (ca. 45 crime per Drug)
  • To crack a chest with a picklock - (ca. 150 crime per chest)
  • To crack a door with a picklock - (ca. 220 crime per door)
  • To entcuff a player with a scissors - (ca. 70 crime per player)

What happens when you have crime?

Cops search for players with crime. Therefor they have diffrent Items which they can use to see the robbers. On the map the position of the robbers will shown and the compass points the position. Also all robbers with crime will be shown in the scoreboard.
If a robber has more than 2000 crime he has a bounty on his head and will show on the map with a read point.

How long do you have Crime

When your Crime is 0 you will no longer search by the cops. Your crime-rate will sometimes apear in the chat. Every second your crime will decrease by 1. Important is, that you answer the AFK-question in the chat.

A drug-plantation on a island at the beach.
A robber with bounty who you can see on the map.