Picklock (Crime)

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General information

The picklock is, next to the Crowbar, one of the most important tools to rob other players as you can break iron doors open with it. This way robbers can get access to apartments and houses. Cops, on the other hand, don't need this tool as they can just open iron doors with a right-click. You have to be cautious if you break an iron door open with an almost broken picklock as the iron door can shut behind you which means you are trapped.

This tool is also very popular as, for example, it allows you to walk into the police department or the protected areas of the bank. However, the illegal opening of iron doors is a criminal action and you will get crime for that. The item of the picklock is a flint and steel which gets a new texture with the Crime Texturepack.


The usage of this tool is also very simple. To break an iron door open you have to take the picklock in your hand and right-click an iron door. When doing this the item wears down so it can't be used infinite times.


This very popular house-breaking tool can be purchased at the Technician for 40$. There is no shop which buys lockpicks. The ID for buying is 259 but you can also use the item name flint&steel.

Price: 40$ / ID: 259