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General information

A Faction is an association of players. The maximum amount of 20 members per faction are not be able to hit each other. Also the allies can not be hit anymore.
In addition to the alliances there are hostilities between two factions. The hostility has no effects. There is just a hint in the "faction-description". The members and not-members can see if there is an hostility between their and another faction.
Finally there is a third situation that means the neutrality between two factions. Also the third situation has no effects.

Every faction has an own money account on which the members can deposit money. The faction can save money on the money account for bigger investments like a Villa. Also costs for certain actions will withdrawn from this money account. Normal members should keep in mind that their paid money cannot be withdrawn from the money account by themselves.


  • Leader: He leads the faction.
  • Officer: They percieve administrational tasks.
  • Member: Just members of a faction.
  • Recruit: Just a recruit of a faction.

Commands around factions

general commands
  • /f create - Creates a new faction. (Costs: 1000$)
  • /f join - Join a faction if you were invited.
  • /f leave - Leave a faction.
  • /f f [Player/Faction] - Shows information about factions or search a faction where a user belongs to.
Commands about the faction-account
  • /f money d [amount] - Deposit money on the faction-account.
  • /f money c [amount] - Withdrawn money from the faction-account.
  • /f money b [faction] - Shows money balance from the faction-account.
Change relationship to other factions
  • /f ally [faction] - Create alliance with a faction.
  • /f neutral [faction] - Set relationship to neutral.
  • /f enemy [faction] - Declare hostility to a faction.
Change faction-ranks
  • /f promote [name] - Promotes a player.
  • /f demote [name] - Demotes a player.
  • /f leader [name] - Appoints a player to leader.
  • /f officer [name] - Appoints a player directly to officer.
Commands to manage the faction
  • /f invite [name] - Invite a player.
  • /f kick [name] - Kick a player from the faction.
  • /f title [player] [title] - Change the title of a player. Costs: 10$ per change of title
  • /f desc [description] - Change the description. Costs: 10$ per change
  • /f disband: Delete the faction irrevocable.

You can see more commands about factions ingame with /f help [page].