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General information and location

The bank is important for the entire crime-server, because you can sell all your goldnuggets there. When you deposit your money on the bank it will not be stolen when someone kills you as part of the money will be dropped when someone kills you.
You can find the bank at the spawn. It is easily to find, because there is a big golden dollar sign at the entrance. Also you can find the cheapest apartments above the bank-zone.

Withdraw and deposit money

To deposit or withdraw money you must be at the bank or one of the six ATMs. Keep attention that the message "You entered a bank zone" appears. You can find the ATMs here:

With the command /c bank put [Amount] you can deposit money at the bank. With /c bank take [Amount] you can withdraw the money.


At the bank you can sell gold ingots for 3,00$ . Also you can buy or sell the goldnuggets which you have robbed or mined at the mine. The price changes often. You can check it with the command /shop find nugget.

Bank Crime.png


  • x = -13
  • y = +81
  • z = +63