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To provide the maximum security to server owners we're searching for compromised accounts all over the internet. If we find an account it will be "secure banned" from glizer with the reason "compromised account" on the glizer master gameserver.

What is a compromised account

A compromised account is an account which has been taken over by a 3rd person - for example by using a keylogger or a modified client to get the username and password.

Why do you ban such accounts

Compromised accounts are very often used for distributed attacks against servers like chat-flooding, massive griefing, massive insulting, DDoS attacks and more. Most people dont mind if they get banned (because it's not their own account). That's the reason why we ban such accounts - to protect the server AND the owner for reputations, which they never did by themselves.

What happens if i try to connect to a server with a compromised account

1st. you will not be able to log in. 2nd. the glizer server recognizes your machine and will automatically ban all other used accounts - even in the past or the future. So never try to connect with a compromised account.

How can an account get compromised

Mostly these accounts get sniffed by a hacked clients (for ex. Nodus Clients for cheating). Other posibilities are a virus on your computer (trojan horse) or pre-owned accounts, which have been sold for example on ebay or you've given away your password to the wrong guy.

What should i do if my account is compromised

First: change your password immediately and run a full virus scan. Remove all mods you've installed from your machine and delete all hacks and cheats. If you've no clue what could've leaked your password we recommend to format your whole computer to be on the safe side. If you finished this step, change your password again. Make sure to use a new password, which you've never ever used before.

How can i get an unban

If you're absolutely sure your account will not get compromised again: register yourself on glizer by joining the glizer registration server. Then look for your ban on the glizer homepage and start a dispute and submit us a valid proof, that you're the owner of the account. Please make sure to click on "make this dispute private" to prevent showing your private data to the public.

What is valid as ownership authentication

Valid proofs of ownership are only informations which are normally not spy able. So we're accepting the same informations as mojang does themselves.

  • A copy of the email of the paypal invoice with full headers
  • A screenshot of the account order email with Transaction ID and information how you've paid for it
  • A copy of the Prepaid Card Code and the confirmation email from mojang

please make sure that you don't black out anything from these documents (otherwise we must consider them as faked)

What if i cant proof, that i'm the owner

Because sometimes people are loosing their emails we're offering a second method. We also accept a scan of an official identification document - like a passport - and holding these back - encrypted and associated to your account and unban your account. If another person claims to be the owner (and submits us a ownership validation) he'll get the copy of the document to be able to start a legal claim.

I don't want to submit anything. Unban me!

We can't do this, because we don't know if the person on the other side of the internet is the real owner or a person who just claims to be the owner. If we would unban without any validation the whole system would be useless and we would open our associated servers to attacks like chat-spam, multi-account-griefing, additional account theft or even worse activity.

What about the security of my data

After a validation of a successful ownership authentification we'll permanently delete all evidence we've gotten from you in order to proof your ownership (if you're not able to delete it by yourself). Only the dispute will be left. If you've submitted an official identification document it will be saved highly encrypted on a special non internet accessable harddrive inside the european union and will not be opened until another person claims ownership. We'll delete the document after 2 years if no one else claims ownership.