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The items have been changed a lot and this server, the function of many items is also another.

Fishing Rod

ID 346 Preis 80$

Angel Rahmen.png


Fishing is not only funny, no it is also very convenient because you can catch not only fish but also players. An Angel has a range of about 10 blocks and a player can be used to draw in his direction. This is an effective way to prevent people fleeing very effective at running away.


However, one must note that even fishing can not do anything against gravity or walls. A fishing can be used about 60x before it breaks. It generates no Crime in use and can pull zone also people from a no-PvP.


A fishing costs $ 80 at Valentine on the beach.

Tip of the professional

Although an Angel does not work through walls, but by cobwebs. A smoke grenade in combination with a fishing rod can be a very effective weapon.

Anti Cop Radar

AntiCopRadar Rahmen.png

ID 373:32 Preis 100$


The anti-radar Potion is one of the most important items of equipment to fight the cops. ARP's act passively and prevent from that cops can locate you. Maps, compass, cop-info tool, you are gone from it all, as if you were never there before. One application lasts for 50 seconds. A nice side effect is that bounty hunters also no longer recognize you.


Can you purchase the potion, which is simply called in the inventory only Thick-Potion, Elisa in "Secret Shop".


ID: 369 Preis: 30$

Blazerod Rahmen.png


Is it you have often happened that you log in , cheerfully goes in your stock, the box opens and it is completely empty again ? This is now over! The other day clever minds have assembled from the brewery and found the solution : Lohenruden ( Blaze Rods ) ! With this exclusive tool you can as far as improving the security level of your boxes that they times safer as are all seen before 9 so far. Cops , however, generally can not open boxes , so this gadget is not working for them.


Following the successful acquisition of Blaze Rods you can you choose a box of your choice that you want to back up . After you've made ​​sure you that you are actually looking at the right chest , do you get your Blaze Rod in his hand and right-click . Now you will appear in the chat that another castle wurde.Da attached to your box each box in the large warehouse default has a lock , you have thanks to the Blaze Rod now two locks on your chest , what potential burglars much more difficult their work. This process you can then repeat up to 8 times , until you have reached the limit of 9 locks . A burglar would need now 9 diamond blades to your case to crack, but more in the article " diamond blades " .


Your friend , the engineer who has made ​​himself comfortable in his television tower, Blaze Rods sold the piece for $ 30. Many users see this as a very effective investment!

Tip of the professional

Is this live ? Ah ...... ok .
Hello dear users , in the following I want to give you a few tips for the optimal use of Blaze Rods .
The first thing I want to say that Blaze Rods are worth the money and a must for all users is having things in their boxes that are reasonably valuable.
I also want to give you this on the way : Blaze Rods to be attached to boxes that are empty , can also be beneficial ! In addition I would like to show an example .
you have two boxes, one of which is empty and the other well hidden with valuable things in the home stands .
Now, if ye Clearly mark the empty box with locks and not so well hidden up in the apartment, will be a burglars think the following :
" Ah here is his chest that I crack !
Oh, apparently what is valuable in it, because after the first attempt , it is not open! "
The burglar will now try the box finally to crack and to what he will encounter ? On nothing! But decide for themselves ....


ID:340 Preis: 1$

Buch Rahmen.png


The book is of central importance not only in education . The books here on the Crime servers are capable of higher . In them , each player is written down. The Book knows everything about him . But the old tome are sometimes a little hard to read , that is, you can watch the information about your counterpart only retrieve it when you face him eye to eye .

Especially from the Copalltag books are here to stay. What finally provides a Cop when he can not look to whether the public , he looks into the eyes , is wanted or not?


Do you want to look up someone , you make a right click on the person concerned . You must , keeping the book in his hand. You will now output something like this : What does that tell you ? Well, first of all, what catches the eye is the fact that he 's a cop . Who counts himself to shun the light of the population now makes better on the spot versa. Everyone else can read. The player's account balance is displayed. This of course does not tell us what was hidden in his boxes or elsewhere saved up , but it gives us at least a brief overview of its financial situation. The game time is a clear indicator of whether we are dealing with a crafty professional or not. What is hiding behind the term 'Time by Mine' exactly you experience the documentation for mining.


Books are almost as inexpensive as the earth on the floor. Crime 1 $ is an unbeatable price . ' Thank you Aunt Emma. '


ID: 277 Preis: 300$

Diamantschaufel Rahmen.png


Many robbers have already determined times overcome one way or another iron door illegally and then tries to open the chests in the room beyond . Probably their efforts were mostly in vain , since even the hardest iron door is still secured .

The reason for this is the so-called Blaze Rods , with which the owner can protect his Chests separately. But on the other hand is a herb : diamond blades. With them you can lock for lock crack at the last end to get to the big treasure .

For cops unfortunately completely unsuitable because they can not open boxes , no matter how heavily or lightly secured .


As with most tools that you use, the diamond blade must be kept and then the right mouse button is pressed in the hand. Will appear in the chat message and the blade disappears. If this was the last palace of the box you can now see and take their content. If not you need to use another diamond blade . But watching that you do not get too much crime , because for every use of a diamond blade you get it a little.


Also in terms of burglary is the technician in his television tower available. He demands the , not necessarily cheap , the price of 150 $ per Crime shovel, but considering that in a box sometimes several dozen smoke grenades , gold nuggets , etc. may be , the whole affair quite compute .

Tip of the professional

I can give you a very useful tip: I recommend you make inroads only at night, when no cop is online. Because if you are caught with full pockets of the cops and then lose your inventory, you can offer your money that you have paid for the blades , to give the same to the cops. This is not the rule, but this risk I'm not a person.


ID 368 Preis: Nicht kaufbar

Enderperle Rahmen.png


The black man with the purple eyes followed you to the death. But you manage to kill him , or otherwise to come to Ender pearls , you are richer by one flight option . Ender pearls namely act as short-range teleportation means . They can be used by both cops and users.


Who does not know ? On the run , from all sides come cops. Once around the corner and - oh shock - it does before the astonished eyes a river . And far and wide no bridge in sight! What now? It is you to recommend at this point to have a final bead with you. Were you as clever , previously a plug in to you now offers the option to take the item in your hand and throw with a right click . You will now be teleported to Aufschlagsort the pearl. With any luck, your persecutors themselves have no pearls with you and you are safe . But still no reason to jump to joy is required, because the cops can Ender pearls as well as use it. They have the additional advantage that the copshop Ender pearls leads to very modesten prices.


There are not officially for sale Ender pearls. The only way to obtain it is killing Enderman .

Flint and Steel

ID 259 Preis 40$

Feuerzeug Rahmen.png


You have heard that in the apartment of a player valuable things are stored, but unfortunately you locked iron door the way? You want to have things anyway? Then go get Flint & Steel (lighter), crack the door, and makes your enemies poor!


Imagine the iron door that want to leave her, Flint & Steel take in your hand and performs a right click. The door is now open for a few seconds. During this time, you can clean the apartment and serve you.


Like any other burglary tool also can be Flint & Steel buy the technician. For just $ 40 you can purchase a Crime.

Cop Detector

ID 370 Preis 10$

CopRadar Rahmen.png


The Ghast Tear is a very useful passive, resource for any gangster who plans his Raubzüg in advance. Do you use a Ghast Tear in combination with a map_0, you can for a limited time, more precisely 600 seconds, see every cop on your map. Surprisingly circled? Nevermore with the tears from hell. As a cop is shown in the pictures is left visible.


Take the Ghast Tear in your hand and then right click. Immediately the cops appear on euerer card.


Purchase can you Ghast Tears at technicians, this is on the top floor of the TV tower. There, they will cost $ 10 Crime.


ID 328 Preis 10$

Minecart Rahmen.png

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it : The Minecart . It transports you from place to place and at a pace brisk . On the CVR server the Minecart is primarily used in the subway , it takes you underground quickly over the whole map . Even for cops a useful thing , if the robber is somewhat remote and the legs after a hard day at work tired.


To get on the server with the Minecart in motion, you have to go to a subway station and make the tracks identified. Then it presents the Minecart to the designated device ( photo below) , sit down in and presses the button . And then take on their journey .


Also on Minecarts our friend , the technician , the monopoly . He sold the piece for $ 10 Crime .

Tip of the professional

A Minecart is a particularly effective means of escape . After you've robbed a store , take your Minecart and runs away . The big advantage is that you are faster than the cops on foot. But arrows are your enemy in this situation. Once you meet with an arrow , you will thrown out of your Minecart .


ID 344 Preis: 10$

Ei Rahmen.png


The smoke grenade is a must- have for every cop , just as well for any aspiring player . Represented by the Minecraft Item ' Egg' , it offers the possibility of preventing the opponent effectively on the run. If it does not appear that is thrown around a little chicken , quite the opposite : On the Aufschlagsort arise cobwebs . These are arranged in a pyramid shape and prevent any rapid movement .


Is the smoke grenade thrown by taking the item in your hand , and press the right mouse button. The launch angle is determined by the direction of view , your crime will not be affected . It is , however, caution : they are not backed up. It's been so many failed escape the fact that during the escape from provided one of the grenades was thrown . These can be stored for up to 16 way in stacks.


For players who smoke grenades have always been at ' Burnes ' available . This they had to earliest beta times in the offer. Currently, the price moves by 10 Crime $ around. For cops additionally provides an option to buy the grenades when copshop for $ 5 Crime .

Tip of the professional

A little known feature of smoke grenades is that they , if used wisely , provide emergency protection against machine guns. Do you charge the ball a smoke grenade in the way it hangs there and fizzles ineffective!


Id:278 Preis: 150$
Id: 257 Preis: 45$
Id:285 Preis: 15$
Id:274 Preis: 5$
Id:271 Preis: 1$


Your hands are numb from the eternal beat of the gold / coal block and it takes forever to get anything? Then there is now something new: a pickaxe!


No matter what quality has your pickaxe, each is used with a left click on the ore and loses durability. Of course there are differences here: With the wood or stone pickaxe you need 60 beats, with the gold pickaxe, however, you only need 18 Schläge.Die iron or diamond pickaxe need 35 beats per ore, but these two are more robust.


All pickaxes can buy in the mine ores dismantle the mine equipment in the north of the map.


ID 46 Preis 300$

Tnt Rahmen.png


TNT is known for , among other things in Minecraft in general , to be abused again and again for crimes. Also on the Crime TNT server receives a one , though less central but quite important. As a criminal you can you blow up the houses of other players , or Break the bridges , the bank, the Gefängis power ... whatever you want with it.


To break something with TNT take it in his hand and placed it at the desired location . Then you duck (Shift ) and click the TNT with the right mouse button.

Now it should appear on the TNT fire, so get away ! TNT does not only big holes but also great harm to you, but fits that no other user you tee off the TNT and entrains . As long as it has not gone high, it is degradable and harmless.

Nevertheless, it is to ignite a criminal offense TNT , so you get " crime" and the cops can see you on their map. * click * "Well my friend, hope you do like Swedish curtains. "


You gain TNT in the shop "Happy bomblets " for a knockdown price of just $ 400 Crime per block. The nice gentleman behind the counter is Burns , also known as the friendly dealer for everything that pops neat. You can find his shop in the south of the city.


ID 347 Preis: Nicht kaufbar

Uhr Rahmen.png


The clock is used to escape the confinement in prison. They are obtained when the Jailzeit has dropped to zero. If you aquirieren the item otherwise it is immediately removed from the inventory.


If you're trapped in prison and a clock to available, you take this in hand, makes a right click and makes itself prepared for a very uncomfortable Teleport to spawn.


After you have served your jail time.



ID: 276 Preis 525$
ID: 267 Preis 450$
ID: 272 Preis 375$
ID: 268 Preis 60$
ID: 283 Preis 5$

Most general

You are under attack and can not do anything about it? Then a sword is the solution.


In the fight.


At the mine shop in the north of the map and the weapons dealer


ID 332 Preis 150$'

Schneeball Rahmen.png


Grenades are the secret weapon of successful bank robber , especially when he is being chased by cops. Would you massive enemies , be they cops or members of other groups , to the neck : Throw a grenade and you 're sure they go. A well- thrown grenade survived no one , it explodes on impact in a deadly cloud and lethal acts .


Thrown a grenade by the corresponding item , the Snow Ball, is held in the hand and the right mouse button is pressed. The launch angle is defined similarly to the smoke grenade through the viewing direction . And take eight : throws grenades weigh heavily on your account from Crime , do not you Clearly mark and 2 clicks later is a large sum of money on your head ! Furthermore, grenades can also hurt you . Encountered this weapon so with enough respect and caution.


Buy let the grenades in " Burns" for $ 150 Crime apiece. Very expensive , no question , but , at least when used properly , unbeatable. Grenades can be stored for up to 16 stacks.

Laser Gun

ID 388 Preis 150$

Emerald Rahmen.png


Research has launched a revolutionary new design on the market, the laser gun (Emerald). With it, it is now possible to make distant targets hair exactly, and even shoot through walls. For the benefit of you have you simply crouch and press the right mouse button. This weapon you can initially buy the weapons dealer.


As ammunition for the new weapon "hunger" is used, yes right .. her starved slowly when you use this weapon. So you should have with you enough food.


Cobwebs in your area to be burned.


ID: 385 Preis: 50$

Braustand Rahmen.png

ID: 379 Preis: 700$

Firecharge Rahmen.png


With a Rocket Launcher is the strongest and most advanced weapon on the server. Even if he has a high Reloadingzeit , it adds too much damage on a lucky hit .


Who wants a rocket launcher elicit a shot that needs both the Brewingstand that represents the launcher itself , as well as a sufficient amount of ammunition. As ammunition for these quality products , of course, is only the best of the best are: Fire Charges . These missiles are ultra light, fast , aerodynamic, but judge for only a small area of ​​damage. The enemy is also only 2 blocks from ground zero away he survives , abzubekommen without a scratch. Incidentally, it is a very bad idea to act on roofs with heavy artillery . The recoil could result in severe adverse health effects .


The arms dealer will make you happy with a stand Brewing and plenty of ammunition there is the lucky bomblets !

Tip of the professional

The bullets can fend off with a good sword and cause directly behind a wall or strong damage.

Bow and Arrow

Bogen Rahmen.png

ID 262 Preis 1.5$

Pfeil Rahmen.png

ID 261 Preis 150$


The arch is one of the ranged weapons most commonly used. He uses arrows as ammunition. There are several ways to strengthen the own bow with enchantments, so you can eg a sheet of thickness kill 5 people without armor with one hit - but disappears in this case. The force of the bow was raised by CVR plugin to 150%.


A bow can shoot three different types of arrows.

Normal arrow Simpler arrow that can kill a cop with armor with 6-7 shots, a user with 2-3. Ice Arrow An arrow slows no damage but causes the wounded for some time. fire arrow An arrow to the low standard damage distributes and can go up the wounded in flames. Where to Buy


Bow and arrow can be bought from the local 'arms dealer'. The bow costs 150 $ Crime, each arrow hits with 1.5 Crime $ to book.

Splash potion (poison))

ID 373:16388 Preis 150$

Poisontrank Rahmen.png


You lurking again a robber ? Your opponent is too strong and equipped the situation seems hopeless ? The poison potion throw to the rescue ! With it, you are all enemies equal. use :


Like any potion is thrown by a simple right click and throw the poison potion. The glass bottle strikes on the ground - it just creates a poisonous green cloud of smoke. If you stand just within this cloud , the potion has devastating consequences. effects :

The poison potion has a duration of 0:33 minutes. During this time, the potion will reduce the player's health constantly , until only half a heart is left. After the time of the health rises again to normal on the condition that the hunger bar is filled . Source:


Available potions at Elisa are in the Special Chamber . This is located at the bottom left in the city, right next to the weapons dealer. Quite cheap but they are not - their services you can take for 150 $ per piece in Crime claim . Is to be observed that the exact ID ( 373:16388 ) must be typed .

Tip of the professional

Throwing potions are to be used as . On the one hand you have to be careful not to meet even with the brew , on the other hand , the radius of the effect is not too large. It is thus concentration wondered when casting , as the potion otherwise missed its target . However, if you fall victim of poisoning , affects a bucket of milk miracle. Once drunk, this ends the effect of the poison potion sofortig.Milch is available on the beach at the beach shop owner Valentin.

Splash potion (harm)

ID 373:16396 Preis 100$

Damagetrank Rahmen.png


Your sword is you too primitive weapon? You want to keep something More reliable in the hands ? The damage roll potion solves all your problems ! use :


The potion is thrown by a right-click. His flight path describes an arc before it strikes and splintered on the floor. This fragmentation results in a black cloud , and the effect of the potion is released. effects :

If you get hit by a damage roll potion , you get three hearts of damage . However, if you wear a suit of armor , this affects the damage that is caused due to the potion. The distance to the exact impact location also plays a decisive factor in the damage calculation. Source:


Available the damage roll potions are at Elisa in the Special Chamber . To obtain a copy , but you have to have a thick wallet. Per potion requires Elisa Crime 100 $ .

Tip of the professional

The small bottle kills secretly and unobserved . Perfect it is so , for example, the assassination of parties , because you have to aim precisely . If you throw next , or even be true even , given away you precious seconds in the battle for life and death. The damage potion , however, should only be selected if the opponent has no armor , because the damage is usually minimal.