Pickaxe (Crime)

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General information

Pickaxes are really important for mining. Only with pickaxes you can mine resources more valuable than coal. You can mine coal per hand. For citizens who want to earn money by legal sources of money it is an indispensable tool.


To mine you have to click repeatedly on a coal-, gold- or lapislazulioreblock with the pickaxe in your hand. After a certain amount of clicks you get the ore put in your inventory. Coal can also be farmed per hand. You can buy pickaxes of all kinds at the Mining-Shop. The cheapest one is the wooden pickaxe for 3$, the most expensive one the diamond pickaxe for 170$. More exact details like the item-ID are visible in the bar on the right side.

Price: 170$
ID: 278
Price: 50$
Id: 257
Price: 18$
ID: 285
Price: 10$
ID: 274
Price: 3$
ID: 271