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Why do we save data

It's impossible to offer such a service without saving at least a minimum amount of data. We try to save as few informations as possible, but enough to give the server-owners everything they need to protect their servers from potential griefers. Every Server owner has to inform you in their rules, that they're submitting this data to the glizer network and has to inform every player on login about this procedure.

What do we save

We only save the data you can view on the webpage. These are (Dec 2012):


Automatic (By the Plugin)
  • Player Name
  • Visited Servers, Last visit and Gametime
  • Profile Views
  • in some cases: ip adresses (primary in logfiles on errors, or on suspicious activities) - which will be cleared intermittently. Can be disabled in the plugin
On Submit (by the Game Server Provider)
  • Reputations submitted by server providers
  • Notes from other players
  • Comments on reputations
  • Disputes
  • Optional data, which can be entered and removed at any time from the player like Realname, Age, ...
  • If the server supports it: build- / money- / mining-statistics


  • Uptime
  • IPs
  • Ratings
  • Whitelisted Users (of the glizer whitelist)
  • Banshares
  • Registered Events
  • Users (Last Visit and Gametime)
  • Server data like Ping, Slots, Version etc.
  • Optional data like rules or description

How do we use the data

We use the data only for the purpose of displaying it on the website and for the protection of the glizer servers. We will never ever sell data or use data outside from glizer or glizer related websites without your permission. Glizer is a non profit public project and has no financial interests.

How do i remove my data


First of all: informations will only be published if you're online for at least a few minutes on a server or another person is publishing something about you - like a ban. As a user you can disable your profile and deactivate everything except reputations from your profile by visiting [[1]]. Be aware, that negative relation data will still be visible to registered users. If you don't have an account you need to submit us something as a proof, that it is your account, which you want to deactivate. If you want to remove your relation data or a negative reputation, contact the server owner who submitted this informations or use the ABUSE button on the server-detail-page. Please keep in mind, that we're not altering bans or notes, unless they violate against our terms of service. Even if they violate against our terms of service we will not remove it, we'll only change the informations to something discrete. Otherwise this service would be of no use. If you want your complete data to be removed just contact the admin of the webpage. We will delete everything we know about your account - but you'll be blacklisted and banned forever with all your sub-accounts from any glizer server to prevent a rehabilitation of banned players. Please dont forget, that we need a valid personal id like a drivers license or a passport for this process to prevent account hijacking.


If you want to get your server removed, just use the ABUSE form and enter your API Key of the server with a short information, that you want to remove your server. The removement can take a few days.

Deletion of everything

It is possible to remove all data from the glizer network, but we need a signed document (incl. a list of all owned game accounts) in written form and (in special cases) a copy of an identification document as proof. After the deletion all accounts will be permanently blacklisted and will never be able to connect to any glizer server. See the page "Contact" for the address.