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Comparison: Comparison of glizer with MCBans
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When looking for a banning system for your server, you've got in principle two alternatives: MCBans and glizer. Many think, that glizer is just a clone, but that's not true. glizer offers much more extra functionality and uses different techniques. To give you a brief overview, we made a comparison between the two systems.

    Glizer simple.png Mcbans.png
  Version 3.0 3.6
  Costs Completely free - forever Some features only for premium (5$/month)
User interface
  Full functionality accessible in-game
  Web control panel Only premium
Banning and Whitelisting
  Global bans
  Local bans
  Forced local bans¹
  Temporary bans
  IP Bans × (Removed)
  Permanent bans
  Ban list sharing
  Whitelist System × (only Ban whitelisting)
  Dispute System
  Security against rage bans ×
  Compromised Account Detection ×
Warning and Kicking
  Warnings ×
  Temporary warnings ×
  Vote kicks ×
Reputation system
  Global player reputation
  Local player reputation ×
  Reputation modifier for servers
  Blocking players with low reputation
Player and Server rating
  Player praising ×
  Adding comments on players ×
  Server rating ×
  Control over Website ×
  Player profiles For every player Limited (no real Profile)
  Customizable profiles ×
  Player online time tracking ×
  Friendlists ×
  Server profiles
  Server online time tracking ×
  Online user count tracking
  Signatures ×
  Server online time tracking ×
  Server listing
  Ban listing
  Player listing
  Server stability and speed tracking ×
  Account theft protection ×
  Import ban files from other plugins MCBans and Vanilla only Vanilla
  Syncing even after master server was offline ×
  Export Banfiles
  Message, if globally warned player joins
  Event / Tournament System ×
  Complete UUID and Namechange Security ×
  Tracking of Name-Changes ×
  Admin Comment System ×
  Votes × ×
  Muting players

¹ Local ban even if the player was never connected to the server