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Comparison: Comparison of glizer with MCBans
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  • globalban:
    description: Global Ban
    usage: |
    /globalban [playername] [message]
  • localban:
    description: Local Ban
    usage: |
    /localban [playername] [message]
  • forceban:
    description: Force a localban even if the player was never connected to the server
    usage: |
    /forceban [playername] [message]
  • tempban:
    description: Temporary Ban
    usage: |
    /tempban [playername] [time] [minutes|hours|days] [message]
  • unban:
    description: Unban player
    usage: |
    /unban [playername] [message]


  • kick:
    description: kicks a player from the server
    usage: |
    /kick [playername] [reason]
  • skick:
    description: kicks a player from the server without any notification to other users
    usage: |
    /skick [playername] [reason]


  • warn:
    description: Caution a player
    usage: |
    /warn [playername] [value(-1 to -80)] [message]
  • gwarn:
    description: Caution a player globally
    usage: |
    /gwarn [playername] [value(-1 to -80)] [message]
  • tempwarn:
    description: Temporarily caution a player
    usage: |
    /tempwarn [name] [value(-1 to -80)] [Time] [TimeUnit(minutes/hours/days)] [reason]
  • warnings:
    description: Show global warnings to a player
    usage: |
    /localwarnings [playername]
  • local warnings:
    description: Show only local warnings to a player
    usage: |
    /lwarnings [playername]


  • praise
    description:Praises a player
    usage: |
    /praise [playername] [value(1 to 80)] [reason]
  • gpraise
    description: globally Praises a player - only possibility to lift up the global reputation after a global ban or global warn
    usage: |
    /gpraise [playername] [value(1 to 80)] [reason]

User comments

  • comment:
    description: Add comment to player
    usage: |
    /comment [playername] [comment]
  • comments:
    description: Show comments to player
    usage: |
    /comments [playername]


  • rateserver:
    description: Rate server
    usage: |
    /rateserver [value(0 to 10(best))]

Report abuse

  • abuse:
    description: reports an abuse of glizer on the server (refers to the webpage)
    usage: |

User profile

  • profile:
    description: Show players profile
    usage: |
    /profile [playername]
  • editprofile:
    description: Edit profile field
    usage: |
    /editprofile [field(age, status, realname)] [text/value]
  • clearprofile:
    description: Clear whole profile
    usage: |


  • friends:
    description: Show all friends
    usage: |
  • addfriend:
    description: Add a player to your friend list
    usage: |
    /addfriend [playername]
  • removefriend:
    description: Remove a friend from your friend list
    usage: |
    /removefriend [playername]


  • addwhitelist:
    description: Add player to whitelist
    usage: |
    /addwhitelist [playername]
  • removewhitelist:
    description: Remove player from whitelist
    usage: |
    /removewhitelist [playername]


  • registerevent:
    description: Join an Event
    usage: |
    /registerevent [ID]
  • unregisterevent:
    description: leave an Event
    usage: |
    /unregisterevent [ID]
  • myevents:
    description: See your joined Events
    usage: |
  • eventdetail:
    description: Look up
    usage: |
    /eventdetail [ID]
  • eventlist:
    description: Show the list of all joinable events
    usage: |


  • glizer help:
    description: Help to glizer plugin
    usage: |
    /glizer help [topic]
  • glizer reload:
    description: reload glizer config
    usage: |
    /glizer reload
  • glizer:
    description: show version
    usage: |
  • onlinetime:
    description: shows your (optional another user) onlinetime on a server
    usage: |
    /onlinetime [optional playername]
  • listaccounts:
    description: shows other accounts from the player
    usage: |
    /listaccounts [playername]