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Bleeding Edge

[1] - GitLab

Version 3.0.2 (Marauder)

  • Added parent permissions support for BungeeCord

Version 3.0.1 (Marauder)

  • Added UUID Recheck

Version 3.0.0 (Marauder)

  • Adapted to Bukkit 1.7.9
  • Implemented IP-Ban Functions
  • Implemented Temp-Unban
  • Complete working with new API V3
  • UUID Based
  • Implemented AdminComments (Saving private informations for other admins of the same server about a user)
  • Implemented Name Lookup (Checking old Usernames of a player on name change)
  • Implemented Whitelist Hook
  • Switching Bungee-Cord Implementation to stable
  • And many small bugfixes

Version 2.3.1 (Jackr)

  • Adapted to Bukkit 1.3.1

Version 2.3.0 (Jackr)

  • Added posibility to lock his own account on an specific ip using the glizer homepage

Version 2.2.2 (Jackr)

  • Tempbans won't be unbanned by ingame commands any longer, so the players aren't praised after the tempban ends.
  • No more "left the game"-messages for banned players

Version 2.2.1 (Jackr)

  • Fixed error where no glizer directory was created on first run

Version 2.2 (Jackr)

  • Added posibility to change the banborder of relation-reputation
  • Started implementing a localization system
  • changed permission system to bukkit default
  • made it compatible with latest R5 release of bukkit
  • changed behaviour of the /warninigs command - now displays all warnings available
  • no more error messages if no whitelist or banlist exist
  • fixed error with add-note command

Version 2.1.0 (Jackr)

  • Fixed a bug causing the API queue not to work properly
  • Added a logout-request to provide the exact user count on
  • Modified new version message
  • Updated new API requests Account-Detection

Version (Jackr)

  • Complete new API-System. No more lag
  • Now fully working if master server is not available
  • Queue system - no more lost notes
  • New command: /listaccounts USERNAME => shows other accounts from the same user
  • New command: /lwarnings USERNAME => shows all local warnings from the user
  • New command: /gwarn USERNAME REPUTATION DESC => Globally warns a user
  • New command: /gpraise USERNAME REPUTATION DESC => Globally praises a user (only way to remove a negative global reputation)
  • Warnings now result in ban if the ban border of -100 is reached and kicks the user
  • Event system now public
  • New features on the glizer homepage with version 2.0 like Serverspeed
  • Notification to the admins if someone with a negative reputation joins
  • Display of your own local and global reputation on server join
  • Updated /warnings command to be more useful
  • Routine to lookup for hacked accounts implemented in API
  • /warn now warns a user locally
  • Unban Command updated
  • Many commands now usable from the console
  • Many bug fixes

Version (Eleanor)

Version 1.2.1 (Eleanor)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the /kick command from working while broadcastKick = true
  • There is no longer a "Player xxxx is a glizer developer" broadcast if a glizer teammember joins
    • If the player is in the glizer-team, that is displayed in his profile
  • The /onlinetime-command
    • now displays the playername
    • formatting is improved
  • If you enable it in the configuration
    • People with the glizer.ban.localban or the glizer.moderator - Permission now get a message if a player that is globally praised or globally warned joins
  • It is now displayed in the Ban-broadcasting whether the ban is temporarily, local or global
    • also in the banmessage the banned player gets
  • Accepted whitelist-applies get active in max. 5 minutes now
  • There is a /forceban - command now that allows you to ban players, that haven't been on your server yet, locally
  • Some smaller fixes in the helpmenu
  • Prowl Notifications
  • Custom Callbacks

Version 1.2 (Eleanor)

  • New Coder joined the team: Welcome mxE333xm
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • New features

- /praise command - /tempwarn command - /onlinetime command - /abuse command - /kick command

Version 1.1.20

  • Fixed an issue with local ban backup
  • Improved server connectivity

Version 1.1.19

  • Fixed an issue with local ban backup

Version 1.1.18

  • Fixed an issue influencing your server if is down

Version 1.1.17 (Christi)

  • Advanced Configuration File
  • Version check

Version 1.1.16

  • First Release

< 1.1.16

  • Dev-Version