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Glizer Global Ban rules

  • Griefing (destroying over 20 blocks of other players buildings or creations)

example : /globalban user griefing

  • Racism (According to international guidelines , link here )

example : /globalban user racism

  • Doing anything against local laws where the server is located.

example : /globalban user lawviolation

  • Cheating ( client mods/skins which are not approved by the server like x-ray)

example : /globalban user cheating

  • Abuse of bugs

example : /globalban user bugabuse

  • Issuing threats against servers

example: /globalban user threatening

  • Spamming ( more then 4 lines each 5 seconds )

example: /globalban user spamming

  • advertising other servers or services

example : /globalban user advertising

  • Insultung

example : /globalban user insult

Requirements to issue global bans

- Server must be in Online mode
- Server must be registered on glizer
- a plugin which communicates with the glizer API

If these requirements are not met the glizer staff reserves the right to disable your server and registration.

Glizer Local Ban Rules

- include the global ban rules - any reason you deem fit.

Glizer staff will not intervene in local bans.

Disputing Local bans

Local bans can be disputed on if the serverowner activated this feature. If he didn’t you’ll have to contact the serverowner by your own.

Disputing Global bans

You first dispute the global ban on the website and you and the server owner will talk and if you are unsatisfied with the outcome you may escalate the dispute for a glizer Dispute team member to review your dispute.

However if the glizer team finds that the global ban rules were not violated the dispute will be closed again and you shall receive another reputation loss of -1

Once a dispute has been reviewed by the glizer staff you cannot escalate it again.

Disputing Perm bans & -100 rep bans

Dispute perm bans or -100 rep on our forum.

Rules for Unbans

It's not allowed to offer unbans/praises or ban/unban rights for money! Offering these result in a deletion of the server and the glizer global ban of the owner of the server.