Crime Lottery (Crime-EN)

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  • James Fraud: Book and quill $60 apiece
  • Casino Master: Magma cream (="Tokens") $30 apiece


Buy a book and write 5 numbers from 1 to 33 in it. Sign it and put it in the chest. The drawings are regularly. After a drawing, go to casino and look in the room of winners if you can find your name on the wall. If you have won, write to a teamler and get your price. For Cops there are a separate lottery.

Slot machine:

The slot machine is in the basement of the casino. You will find the casino master who sells "tokens". Buy some tokens and go into the machine. Close the door but attention, do not close the door if you have crime. Stand on the red wool and actuate the lever. If you have luck you can win tokens that can be sold at the casino master or if you lose you get a consolation price --> a coal.

Crime Lottery.png


  • x = +23
  • y = +81
  • z = -181