Anti Cop Radar (Crime-EN)

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Categories: Items and weapons | Money | Shops | Apartments and plots | Crime rate | Escape routes | Crime Police Department | Factions | Crime Team | Supporter
Languages: German | English

General information

The Anti-Cop-Radar is a potion that makes you unlocatable after use on the Map, the Compass and the scoreboard of the cops. If there is a bounty on you, your position isn't shown on the map anymore. However, usage is a criminal action which gives you 45 crime. The item of the anti-cop-radar is a thick potion. The texture of this potion isn't affected by the Crime Texturepack.


Usage is very simple. To activate the anti-cop-radar, just hold the potion in your hand and right-click.


The anti-cop-radar can be bought at the Secret Shop for 10$ and is only available in this particular shop. As no shop buys that potion, you can't just sell it to a shop which of course doesn't exclude trade between players.

Price: 10$ / ID: 373:32